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Instructions. Core and slice the apples. Add these slices and the cinnamon sticks to a clean half-gallon mason jar with a tight-fitting lid (or several smaller mason jars โ€” just split the ingredients evenly between jars). Pour the bottle of bourbon into the mason jar, making sure that the apples and cinnamon are covered.

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Slice apples. I used Gala apples but many other apples could be used. Arrange apple slices and cinnamon sticks in the mason jar. Pour whiskey over the apples and cinnamon sticks. Store in a dark place for 3-5 days. After 5 days strain the apples and cinnamon sticks. Place infused whiskey in a jar or bottle. Enjoy straight or in a Fall cocktail.

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Jim Beam Apple is an apple-flavored whiskey liqueur produced by the famous bourbon distillery.It was released in 2015 and joined the brand's successful line of flavored bourbons like Honey, Kentucky Fire, Maple, and Red Stag (Vanilla was added later). While it will not have the universal appeal of their signature bourbon, this sweet flavored whiskey has developed a very loyal following.

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Add apples slices, cinnamon stick, cloves and honey to a large mason jar. Pour over whiskey. The whiskey should cover all the ingredients. Seal and store the jar in a dark place to infuse for up to 2 weeks. I tasted it after 4 days to check the flavor and ended up infusing it for 7 days in total. Strain and store the whiskey.

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Add the apple slices and cinnamon sticks to the large mason jar. Pour in your favorite bourbon. Leave a small space at the top, and don't overflow the jar. Seal the jar and leave it in a cool.


Fill a quart jar about half to 2/3 full with apple slices. Add the honey, cinnamon stick, ginger root, cloves and vanilla. Pour whiskey over to fill the jar and cover the apples. Cover with the lid. Set the jar in a dark place and gently shake once each day for 7 days or more. Strain out the apples and spices and use a funnel to pour the.

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FESTIVAL FAVORITE, AVAILABLE ALL YEAR LONG. S an Francisco World Spirits Competition GOLD MEDAL winner 2022 & SIP Awards PLATINUM 2022 The candied apple is a classic standout treat among so many festival favorites. Now, imagine a grown up version, soaked in whiskey, with spicy cinnamon balanced by caramelized sugar and notes of refreshingly.

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Top 15 Apple Whiskeys To Sip 15. J. Seeds Apple Whiskey. Average Price: Roughly $20/750ml (Drizly) Alcohol Content: 35% ABV Why We Like It: For some, Johnny Seeds Apple Cider whiskey was an accidental apple-flavored whiskey made from fine whiskey and homemade cider from Washington orchard. But today, this "created by mistake" whiskey has become a crowd-favorite apple whiskey for its.

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Flavored Whiskey. Meet our Apple Bird Dog Whiskey: it's like pouring a fresh-baked pie into a glass. Our Apple Flavored Whiskey is made by infusing perfectly ripe apple flavors with barrel-aged Kentucky Bourbon. Bird Dog Apple was honored with many top awards from around the spirits industry, from both consumers and professional judges.

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Add bourbon; cover with metal lid, and screw on band. Let bourbon stand at room temperature 4 days. Shake jar to distribute flavors. Pour bourbon mixture through a fine wire-mesh strainer into a pitcher, discarding solids. Stir in Simple Syrup, and pour into a clean 1-qt. canning jar or 3 to 4 small bottles. Cover and store in refrigerator up.

Apple Pie Infused Whiskey Recipe Cake 'n Knife

Dive into the world of apple-infused whiskeys, exploring the unique flavor profiles created by different apple varieties and the art of blending. Discover top distilleries, including Laird & Company, Crown Royal, and Alchemy Distillery. Savor the sweet, robust taste and range of flavors from spicy to floral. Redefine the whiskey experience as you appreciate the craft, innovation and nuanced.

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The Best Apple Whiskey. 1. Bird Dog Apple Flavored Whiskey. Bird Dog Apple Flavored Whiskey comes "highly recommended" by The Beverage Tasting Institute. Bird Dog is a unique whiskey company based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They're known for producing good-quality, great-tasting, and uniquely flavored whiskies.

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New York Apple Flavored Whiskey. Leopold Bros. New York Apple Flavored Whiskey. $37.99. Earn up to 5% back on this product with Caskers Rewards. Size 750mL Proof 80 (40% ABV) *Please note that the ABV of this bottle may vary. Inspired by a pre-World War II recipe for Southern Comfort, this whiskey is crafted from heirloom apples sourced from.

Salty Caramel + Apple Infused Whiskey Columbus Culinary Connection

Canada - 35.0% - Unwind in luxury with a glass of Crown Royal Regal Apple Flavored Whisky. Infused with regal gala apples and hints of caramel and spice, our 70 proof whisky provides a refined, crisp taste. Canada Canadian Whisky. View Product Info. Dr McGillicuddy's Apple Whiskey

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Jim Beam Apple Bourbon Whiskey. With 220 years in business, Jim Beam's whiskey is a crowd-pleaser. Their apple variety is infused with apple liqueur for a crisp fruity flavor and a warm bourbon finish. Try it straight, on the rocks or with club soda and a lemon wedge. Shop Now

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Apple whiskey has emerged as a popular addition to the flavored spirit section of your local liquor store, offering an easy way to infuse the refreshing taste of autumn into your drinks.