5 Best Wheel Bearing Greases (2023 Guide) (2023)

Don’t slip up. Choose the best wheel bearing grease available.

5 Best Wheel Bearing Greases (2023 Guide) (1)

Lucas Red “N” Tacky

A popular grease with high ratings available in many sizes.


5 Best Wheel Bearing Greases (2023 Guide) (2)

Triax Spheron HT-2 Grease

An especially water-resistant wheel bearing grease for high temps.


5 Best Wheel Bearing Greases (2023 Guide) (3)

Sta-Lube New Generation Wheel Bearing Grease

A quality grease with a high drop point and NLGI rating.


5 Best Wheel Bearing Greases (2023 Guide) (4)

Valvoline High Temperature Red Grease

A low-priced wheel bearing grease with the top NLGI rating possible.


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5 Best Wheel Bearing Greases (2023 Guide) (5)

Mobil Delvac Xtreme Grease

A heavy-duty grease designed for industrial and contractor applications.


If your car’s wheels are producing a lot of noise, it could be time to apply the best wheel bearing grease you can find. While not as prominent a maintenance item as an oil change or tire rotation, refreshing your wheel bearing grease can help improve brake performance and longevity.

Wheel bearing grease reduces the friction between the wheel and the axle, and it is important that a good grease maintain its semi-solid form under high-friction, high-heat environments. Typically, wheel bearing grease is refreshed more frequently for travel trailers and boats compared to sedans, trucks, vans, or SUVs. However, any vehicle may need more grease if the old grease has rubbed, melted, or dripped away with time.

Wheel Bearing Grease Buyers Guide

Grease is useful for reducing friction between moving parts, and so finds a wide variety of uses. But you can’t use just any grease for your wheel bearings. At the very least, you’ll need a heat-resistant grease for any automotive applications. While many multi-purpose greases will do, it’s worth arming yourself with some grease knowledge before selecting a product.

What Is Wheel Bearing Grease?

Wheel bearings are a critical part of your brake and wheel system. They are small cylinders placed between the drive axle and brake discs or drum brakes (depending on which type of braking system you have).

Wheel bearing grease is any grease used to fill the wheel bearing so that the bearing and axle won’t wear prematurely from the constant friction generated between these components.

Types Of Grease

Generally speaking, there are three different types of grease: all-purpose (AP), multi-purpose (MP), and extreme pressure (EP).

  • AP grease is for everyday use on bearings that need regular grease but don’t undergo extremes in heat or friction. You might use AP grease to lubricate certain ball joints or a squeaky door hinge.
  • MP greases are more durable, but also more expensive than GP grease. These greases can be used for high-pressure automotive applications, including wheel bearings.
  • EP grease is the most durable type of grease. This grease is especially tacky and may contain anti-wear additives such as molybdenum (this type of grease is sometimes called moly-grease). Most wheel bearing grease is of this variety.

You might also run across something called marine grease. Marine wheel bearing grease is a multi-purpose grease that includes additives that make it more water-resistant. It is specifically engineered for boats but this type of grease is also good for autos and bikes. Some people prefer it because of its enhanced water-resistant properties.

Wheel Bearing Grease Rating System

Many automotive greases are certified and rated by the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI), an international non-profit dedicated to the technical advancement of grease lubrication. NLGI-certified greases contain a letter designation(s). The highest rating for automotive grease is GC-LB.

  • G means that a grease is suitable for wheel bearings. The letter that follows can be A, B, or C. C is the best designation, followed by B, then A.
  • L means that a grease is suitable for a chassis (typically any grease that is suitable for wheel bearings will also be suitable for a chassis, but not vice-versa). The letter that follows L can be A or B. B is the better designation.

If you’re looking for wheel bearing grease, Most car user manuals suggest grease with a GC-LB rating.

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Our Review Standards

To select the greases featured in this buyers guide, our team first combed through dozens of resources such as DIY mechanic and auto enthusiast forums, manufacturer websites, and reviews from online retailers. We pay particularly close attention to quality reviews and recommendations that highlight the efficacy of the grease and durability over time.

We also factored in the quantity and quality of online retailer reviews from websites such as Amazon and Advance Auto Parts.

Why You Can Trust Us

Since 2020, we have published over 200 auto product reviews in an effort to make shopping for auto products easier. Our team of writers, editors, researchers, and product experts collaborates to thoroughly vet top products. We try to perform in-house testing on real vehicles whenever possible before making our recommendations.

When testing is not feasible, however, our aim is to make your life easier by doing all the online research for you and presenting that research in the form of easy-to-read product comparisons and buyers guides, rather than outright recommendations. For more information on our testing methodology and how we evaluate every product, check out our methodology page here.

#1 Lucas Red “N” Tacky

Lucas Red “N” Tacky is a well-known, high-performance grease suitable for a range of automotive applications, including use as wheel bearing grease. Its long shelf life, high tackiness, and extreme pressure resistance make it a favorite among enthusiasts. If you need to purchase in bulk, you can buy Red “N” Tacky by the bucket.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $1.50/ounce
  • NLGI rating: GC-LB
  • Contains rust and oxidation inhibitors
  • 540.0°F drop point

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.8 out of 5 based on over 1,600 ratings

Most say this is the best grease they’ve used. It is extremely tacky and long-lasting. This grease is suitable for a range of applications, from your boat trailer to your personal auto. Though Lucas can be a little more expensive than other greases, many claim it lasts twice as long so is cheaper in the long run.

The only complaints about Red “N” Tacky are that the container comes half-filled. This seems like a strange complaint as the container does have 16.0 ounces of grease – it is just a large container with empty space (not densely packed).

#2 Triax Spheron HT-2 Grease

Triax Spheron HT-2 grease is rated for exceptionally high temperatures, with a drop point of 550.0 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also highly water-resistant, and a good choice for farm equipment that may see muddy conditions and heavy loads. Of course, this makes it a grease that will hold up when used on automotive wheel bearings.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $0.79/ounce
  • NLGI rating: GC-LB
  • Available in 14.0 ounces tubes, in packs of 1, 2, or 10
  • Rated for operations up to 302.0°F
  • Fortified with anti-wear polymers
  • Extremely water-resistant

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.7 out of 5 based on over 300 ratings

Customers use this grease for a variety of applications, including travel trailers, boats, and wheel bearings. Virtually all reviewers post positive comments about its versatility, heat resistance, and tackiness.

There aren’t any negative comments about this grease on Amazon.

#3 Sta-Lube New Generation Wheel Bearing Grease

Sta-Lube has been manufacturing greases and oils since 1933 and has remained a popular brand among auto professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its New Generation wheel bearing grease is a reliable product that maintains the highest NLGI rating of GC-LB, making it an excellent choice as a wheel bearing grease.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $1.27/ounce
  • NLGI rating: GC-LB
  • Temperature range of -40.0°F to 325.0°F
  • Drop point of 500.0°F

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.8 out of 5 based on over 180 ratings

As with most wheel bearing greases, you won’t find many reviews that wax poetic about Sta-Lube. This highly-rated grease is so reviewed because it works, and users don’t have much else to say than that. It has excellent properties for a wheel bearing grease, such as a broad temperature operation range and high drop point (drop point is the temperature where the grease turns to a liquid). A lot of people use this grease for their trailer wheel bearings.

There are no negative reviews for this grease on Amazon. The lowest ratings give this grease 3 stars and leave no comment.

#4 Valvoline High Temperature Red Grease

Another tacky red grease designed for automotive applications, ValvolineTM Red Grease is suitable for wheel bearings and able to withstand high pressures and temperatures. According to the Valvoline website, this grease is not rated for lubrication at sub-zero temperatures, so it may not be the best choice if you live in a freezing climate.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $1.13/ounce
  • NLGI rating: GC-LB
  • Available in 14.0 ounces, 1.0 pound, 4.0 pounds sizes
  • Rated for temperatures from 0.0°F to 375.0°F

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.7 out of 5 based on over 6,600 ratings

Users like this grease because it works and it’s cheap. Many reviewers have used this grease for years and found it to be reliable and effective.

A few claim that the dye separates from the grease if it is left in the grease gun. For one user, it oozed out of their grease gun while left in storage. At least one other reviewer left this grease in their gun with no issues, so the aforementioned case could be a hardware issue.

#5 Mobil Delvac Xtreme Grease

Mobil Delvac Xtreme grease is a heavy-duty grease appropriate for use with heavy trucks and equipment that see frequent outdoor use. Though designed more for industrial applications, it will work well for your wheel bearings, particularly if you prefer an especially tacky grease.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $0.67/ounce
  • NLGI rating: GC-LB
  • Contains lithium complex thickener
  • Available in single or in 10-count packs

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.7 out of 5 based on over 230 ratings

Many reviewers are happy with Mobil Delvac grease, claiming it is exceptionally sticky and waterproof. This grease also receives praise for its value, considering its relatively low cost.

There aren’t many complaints about this grease other than a few who compare it unfavorably to Lucas Red ‘N’ Tacky.

Bottom Line: Best Wheel Bearing Grease

Any wheel-bearing grease with a GC-LB rating from the NLGI is likely to be of a high quality and work well for the majority of automotive applications. Based on our research, we think that Lucas, Mobil, Triax, Sta-Lube, and Valvoline all offer excellent options. The best choice for you may depend on which you can get for the lowest cost.

Wheel Bearing Grease: FAQ

*Data accurate at time of publication.

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5 Best Wheel Bearing Greases (2023 Guide)? ›

NLGI Grade 00 and 000 are commonly used in enclosed slow speed gear sets to help reduce leakage relative to an oil. Sort of counterintuitively, an NLGI Grade 3 is frequently recommended for very high-speed bearings.

What is the best grease for high-speed bearings? ›

NLGI Grade 00 and 000 are commonly used in enclosed slow speed gear sets to help reduce leakage relative to an oil. Sort of counterintuitively, an NLGI Grade 3 is frequently recommended for very high-speed bearings.

Which Mobil grease is best for wheel bearings? ›

Mobilith SHC 220 could be used in wheel bearings, tripod internal CV joints and other applications. Suitable for temperatures from - 40º C up to +150º C. Long life greases with good water resistance and anti-wear properties.

Is Lucas Red N tacky #2 for wheel bearings? ›

LUCAS Red “N” Tacky #2 grease is a smooth, tacky, red lithium complex grease fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors. This grease is ideal for wheel bearings on log splitters and for lubricating the top of the beam.

Is Mobil 1 synthetic grease good for wheel bearings? ›

Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease meets the requirements of the National Lubricating Grease institute (NLGI) performance classification GCLB. It is recommended for automotive applications at both high and low temperatures. It is particularly suited for applications such as disc brake wheel bearings and ball and steering joints.

Can you put too much grease in a wheel bearing? ›

Overgreasing by applying too much grease to a bearing at one time can result in a seal failure and generate heat in the bearing housing. When too much grease is pumped into a bearing cavity, it eventually will become full. If there is no relief port on the housing, the grease will blow through the seals.

Is red and tacky grease good for wheel bearings? ›

Lucas Red “N” Tacky Grease is a high-quality grease designed to resist rust, corrosion, water, acid, and alkali. This high rated grease is great for use in trucks, cars, boat trailers, wheel bearings, and industrial and agricultural settings.

Is Lithium Grease good for wheel bearings? ›

Lithium grease is the most commonly used lubricating grease around the globe - accounting for 75% of lubricating applications across all industries. In the automotive industry it is commonly used as a lubricant in wheel bearing and chassis applications.

What is high speed bearing grease? ›

High-speed greases are formulated with special thickeners and oils allowing them to approach the functionality of oil while keeping the sealing properties required in this type of mechanism. One of the parameters to take into account is the speed factor: NDm of the bearing to be lubricated.

Is synthetic grease good for bearings? ›

Synthetic Bearing Grease is a lithium complex thickened lubricating grease based on synthetic oil, suitable for various applications and bearings due to its all-round properties and wide temperature range. Modern high performance synthetic grease suitable for industrial, marine and automotive applications.

Is Valvoline multi purpose grease good for wheel bearings? ›

Valvoline Multi-Purpose GM Grease is recommended as a disc brake wheel bearing grease for most vehicles (i.e., GM, Chrysler, Japanese and European) and meets requirement of GM part number 1051344, MACK GC-G, and NLGI GC-LB quality requirements.

Is Lucas Marine grease good for wheel bearings? ›

Lucas Marine Grease is a truly universal marine grease with applications in trailer wheel bearing, trailer chassis lubrication and outboards. It also has crossover applications in automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubrication. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CENTRALIZED DISPENSING SYSTEMS.

What color should bearing grease be? ›

Dark blue – typically for multipurpose greases made from conventional oil base stocks. Red – mostly for multipurpose synthetic greases. Grey – for those containing moly for many off-road equipment specifications, and. White or undyed greases – typically used in paper machines or food-grade applications.

What makes a wheel bearing worse? ›

Wheel bearings are especially vulnerable if you hit a pothole, a tall curb, or a speed bump at a brisk speed. If water, mud, road salt, or sand gets past the seal and touches the bearings, it will contaminate the grease, causing the bearings to wear down, eventually leading to failure prematurely.

Is moly grease good for wheel bearings? ›

Greases containing moly are recommended for roller bearings subjected to very heavy loads and shock loading, especially in slow or oscillating motion such as found in universal joints and CV joints.

What should wheel bearings be lubricated with? ›

Grease Lubricant:

While some bearing applications use oil as a lubricant, grease is the lubricant of choice for 80 to 90 percent of bearings.

What is the best grease for wheel nuts? ›

Copper grease is effective within the temperature range of of - 40° to + 1,150° celsius making it an ideal choice for use on wheel nuts & bolts, flanges, studs and exhaust brackets to prevent seizing.

What type of bearing should not be greased? ›

You can run bearings dry for slow moving applications such as tonearm bearings or clock bearings. However, if bearings are used without lubrication, we recommend that they are made of a corrosion resistant material such as stainless steel.

What is the best bearing grade? ›

A Grade 3 is a significant step up from Grade 1, while a Grade 5 is where the performance “sweet spot” is located for cycling. This is why most ceramic and ceramic hybrid bearings for bicycles are Grade 5. Grade 7 bearings offer only a small gain in tolerances compared to Grade 5.

What are the two common types of lubricants used for wheel bearings? ›

Although grease and oil lubricants are the most common materials used to lubricate bearings, dry lubricants are becoming more common, especially in areas where grease or oil are not a viable option.

What is the shelf life of wheel bearing grease? ›

Normal Shelf Life: In general, the recommended shelf life for oils and greases is typically five years when stored properly in the original sealed containers.

How often should wheel bearings be packed with grease? ›

Using the chart and the formula, the bearing only needs 8 grams of grease every 10,000 hours. If your grease gun delivers around 1.35 grams per stroke, that means the bearing needs 6 strokes every 13 months; you could average it out to a stroke every 8 weeks or so.

How long is wheel bearing grease good for? ›

For closed bearings – sealed or shielded – that contain the standard domestic grease (GJN), and that are still in their original, unbroken packaging, the recommended shelf life is five years.

Can you use high temp grease on wheel bearings? ›

For high-temperature components, such as wheel bearings, a high-temperature silicone-based grease is required. These greases are designed to hold stable under high temps and against the elements commonly seen in wheel bearings.

Why does my wheel bearing grease turn black? ›

Degraded Grease Changes Color

As grease degrades and becomes contaminated, it usually will begin to darken. This darkening, which can be more noticeable when compared to new grease, may be a sign that the grease has reached a condemning limit.

Where should you not use lithium grease? ›

Lithium-based lubricants are used in cars and machinery in general. It's not advisable to use them on plastic parts. As lithium is based on petroleum, it tends to speed up rubber and plastic components decay.

What's the difference between lithium grease and wheel bearing grease? ›

Q4. Can I use any grease for wheel bearing? Calcium-based grease has high water resistance but only moderate heat resistance. Lithium-based grease is water resistant and has a high tolerance for extreme temperatures.

Which is better lithium or synthetic grease? ›

Due to the fact that lithium grease has a petroleum base, lithium grease is more suitable for applications that need lubricants that are resistant to heat and pressure. Silicone grease is better for everyday applications due to its rubber-like base.

What is green wheel bearing grease? ›

Waterproof Green Grease is a professional grade, high performance synthetic polymer grease developed for mining, manufacturing, marine and off-road applications. Recommended for cars, trucks, boats, trailers, ATV's, motorcycles, mowers, farm equipment and implements - any application up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is No 1 grease? ›

A grease with an NLGI grade of 1 has a consistency like tomato paste, where a grease with an NLGI grade of 3 has a consistency more like butter. The most commonly used greases, such as those used in automotive bearings, would use a lubricant that is NLGI grade 2, which has the stiffness of peanut butter.

Is Royal Purple grease good for wheel bearings? ›

Royal Purple Ultra-Performance Grease

You can use it to lubricate the wheel bearings on your vehicle, U-joints on your equipment, and even some household appliances.

Is Valvoline synthetic grease good for wheel bearings? ›

Valvoline™ General Purpose Grease is a general-purpose EP grease designed for both automotive and industrial uses. It is recommended as a chassis and wheel-bearing lubricant for some automobiles and trucks equipped with non-disc brake wheel bearings (drums).

Is Valvoline Crimson grease good for wheel bearings? ›

Valvoline's Crimson grease is recommended for use in non-disc brake wheel bearing, water pump, chassis, fifth wheel, universal joints and other such fleet, agricultural, mining, industrial, and automotive applications.

Can I use NLGI 2 grease for wheel bearings? ›

Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease NLGI #2 Reduces friction and wear in high-speed, high-temperature components like wheel bearings and electric motors. Keeps components running clean and trouble free for outstanding performance and long life. NLGI #2 is the primary wheel bearing recommendation.

Can you mix different brands of wheel bearing grease? ›

Extreme cases of grease incompatibility can lead to catastrophic failure of the components being lubricated. It is always best practice to avoid mixing any types of grease.

What is the difference between wheel bearing grease and marine grease? ›

Marine grease is loaded with water resistance additives. Bearing grease in general comes with soap, but soap can be water soluble. So you want to make a point to use marine grease if you know your bearings will see a lot of water.

What are the two main ingredients of wheel bearing grease? ›

WHEEL BEARING GREASE is formulated with lithium soap as thickener and highly refined mineral oil as base oil. It exhibits excellent mechanical stability, thermal stability, and water tolerance, and is the best grease for wheel bearings on large vehicles.

What temperature should grease be for wheel bearings? ›

Most lubricating greases formulated for use in automotive wheel bearings are NLGI 2 grade and are designed to operate at temperatures as low as -40 °C (-40 °F). The NLGI GC-LB or SAE J310 specifications require the grease to operate at that temperature.

What temperature should you grease bearings? ›

Bearing Temperature Conditions

A bearing temperature that is less than 180 degrees F is typically considered acceptable (see the chart below). Of course, there may be other consequences for operating in this “good” range. A higher operating temperature will cause the bearing lubricant to deteriorate at a faster rate.

When should you not use moly grease? ›

Greases containing molybdenum disulfide shouldn't be used in applications that see excessive amounts of water ingress as the molybdenum disulfide can have a corrosive effect of the metal surfaces, and is not suited for bearings and other components that move at a rapid pace.

Is it better to drive fast or slow with a bad wheel bearing? ›

Drive your car slower, at about 50-60 kph, or a maximum of 40 miles per hour. Try not to take sharp turns while driving, as it can also create problems for your vehicle.

Which wheel bearing goes bad first? ›

The most common failure pattern for wheel bearings is for those on the passenger side of the vehicle to fail first. The passenger side bearings are exposed to the most standing water in the gutter.

How often should wheel bearings be replaced? ›

Your wheel bearings have a heavy impact on the handling of your vehicle. It would be extremely dangerous to drive with old wheel bearings, as it may cause your wheels to stop turning entirely and abruptly. You should expect to replace wheel bearings every 85,000-100,000 miles.

What is the best grease for ball joints? ›

Valvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Full Synthetic Grease is generally considered the best grease for ball joints. Keeping the various ball joints in your car properly greased is vital to ensuring that they are adequately lubricated, moving smoothly, and not making too much noise.

What is the best grease for nuts and bolts? ›

What lubricant should you use? In the past nickel-based lubricants were often used due to their high heat resistance. Industries have recently moved to molybdenum disulfide or “moly” lubrication. Moly lubricants are known for being the best type of lube for assembly as it does not cause hydrogen-induced cracking.

Does the color of bearing grease matter? ›

While operators tend to associate the grease they use with a color, like deep red or bright blue. As described in the video from Mobil below, the color of the grease does not change the performance characteristics and it is only the manufacturer who determines what color their grease is.

Is red lithium grease good for wheel bearings? ›

Lithium grease is the most commonly used lubricating grease around the globe - accounting for 75% of lubricating applications across all industries. In the automotive industry it is commonly used as a lubricant in wheel bearing and chassis applications.

What grade grease for ball joints? ›

NLGI #2 is the most widespread classification and is used in many automotive and heavy-duty applications, such as ball joints and other suspension components. Chances are you've used an NLGI #2 grease before.

Is wheel bearing grease OK for ball joints? ›

It's suitable for any object with a gliding motion, including ball joints and U-joints. Disc and drum grease is water resistant and can be used on disk and drum brakes. It can withstand extremely high temperatures generated from the high speeds of the wheel and the pressure from the brakes.

What grease lubricant for ball bearings? ›

Mineral oil lubricants are the most common type of lubricant used for ball bearings. These lubricants are made from refined crude oil and are affordable, widely available, and effective in reducing friction.

Is Red N Tacky good for ball joints? ›

Red 'N' Tacky is the go-to for many mechanics thanks to its ability to work on several parts of the vehicle and the excellent layer of protection it offers. The molybdenum content of this grease makes it an excellent choice for greasing joints.

What is the best grease for tie rod ends? ›

Mystik Multi-Grease is an excellent option for high-milage commuters, weekend track cars, or off-road vehicles. You can rest assured that you are extending the life of your Moog tie rod ends when you use Mystik Grease.

Do you fill the whole hub with grease? ›

For traditional greases (NLGI Nos. 1 and 2), pump a ring of grease into the entire circumference of the wheel hub and coat the hub cap inner wall. The housing should only be half full of grease. Too much grease causes churning and higher temperatures.

Do you fill the hub with grease? ›

To keep the bearings from overheating, they need to be lubricated, which is done by filling the inner part of the hubs – the part containing the bearings – with grease.

What dissolves wheel bearing grease? ›

The best bet is to use methylated spirit or just soak the bearings in some solvent or alcohol. If you can find a spray-on degreaser, you can blast all the crap out of your bearings to great effect. Lemon juice works well too!


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