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Closet Works specializes in architectural millwork with a strong emphasis on home storage solutions. We create beautiful, functional workspaces, closets, garages, entertainment centers and more.


Established in 1987.

Firmly rooted in our Chicago community, we have created over 20,000 «raving fans» since opening our doors nearly 30 years ago. Started out from humble beginnings, we have grown steadily and now have our 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located locally in Elmhurst IL. We pride ourselves on attention to detail in both design and execution and we are committed to providing «extreme customer service». Serving the entire Chicago metro area as well as Southern Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana and even parts of Michigan, we have been grateful that we’ve grown so rapidly over the years due to the great referrals our clients have given us.

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Closet Works



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Interior Design

Closet Works says,

«Get hands on with our closet, garage, pantry, and bedroom displays. Staff members will happily guide you through your options and the entire process.»

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Home Organization

Closet Works says,

«Closet Works provides 2 Additional Free hours with purchase of 2 hours of professional organizing services from Chaos to Order with every purchase.»

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4 reviews of Closet Works

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Courtney O.

Place rating: 5
Plainfield, IL

Susan came out to do estimate and was referred to my by a good friend. She is amazing at her job. Immediately contacted me kept me up to date on process emailed me and followed up was so knowledgeable on the products and what would fit where which I am not… Emilio came out and did WONDERFUL OVER THE TOP JOB on install, WOW WAS HE PERSONABLE TOO, these people really know their stuff. Susan helped me pick a color upgrade on which I was only charged a very very minimal
Charge for that matches my kitchen exact im so pleased with their work and would recommend them to anyone of all different price ranges they will fit your budget. Their wonderful service is 2nd to none

K. M.

Place rating: 2
Chicago, IL

We had three closets organized by this company, which apparently is a victim of its own success. Customer service and communication are poor. We were told repeatedly, as an explanation for numerous unanticipated delays, that they were really, really busy. The whole process took more than twice as long as the designer initially told us it would. We were promised a design within a couple of days of when the designer measured. It was two weeks before we received a design. Meanwhile we received an e-​mail message from the owner about how interested he was in feedback from customers. We e-​mailed him asking about the status of our design; he never responded. Phone calls were not returned promptly and we had to chase the designer or others at every stage of the process. Once the design was approved, the «credit card authorization process,» which had to be completed before the installation could be scheduled, took five days. Seriously? I would have written a check for the deposit had I known that. Although the end product is generally acceptable, it is not ideal. The designer had little interaction with us about specifics of the design, and instead made a number of decisions on his own. Not being closet organization experts, we could not have anticipated some of the problems with the design, for example, the fact that clothes that I wear the least (long gowns, scuba wetsuits, etc.) are the most easily accessible in my closet. There are other issues as well – the very expensive valet bars (attached pull out bars in the hanging areas) do not pull out far enough to clear the hanging clothes or to be of any use. Shoe shelves hold three, but not quite four, pairs of shoes. They could easily have been made a little wider to accommodate four pairs of shoes. The installer arrived late and as a result did not finish until after 5pm, causing us to be fined by our condo association. The installer, like the designer, was very uncommunicative – he installed hooks and other accessories without consulting us, resulting in someone having to come out and install additional items. We have previously used other closet design companies that provided much better service and a better end product. They were also less expensive than this company.

Christine R.

Place rating: 5
Chicago, IL

I realize my reviews are hyperbolic but I can’t say enough good things about this company. I fancy myself one of those weekend warrior DIYers… I am not. I dream up big ideas about how to make my family’s home convenient, organized, and beautiful but those dreams are largely unrealized because of a derth in time, skill, money or more than likely all of the above.
After researching self-​install closet solutions on everyone from Target to the Container Store to Overstock, I broke down and sent out a few bids to any site who popped in my Google search. (don’t judge me for using Google… I’m picking the battles I can win at this point)
Fast Closets designer, Jennefier, called me within 24 hours (I think it was even the same day). She was so matter-​of-​fact about her business that I almost trusted her outright… despite my highly skeptical consumer standing. She scheduled time to come to our house (HOORAY CONVENIENCE!), she didn’t judge me for being a slack housekeeper (BLESSED ARE THE DISCREET!), and she didn’t mock me for my incredulity when she outlined what was possible to organize my home’s closets (seriously… that was important).
In a couple of days, I had a quote and design from her. A couple of days after that I contracted the work, and scheduled the appointment. Within a week, I had two of Fast Closet’s installers working on my home. They were unbelievably quick about their work. They were quiet (I work from home) and clean (swept and dusted after they finished).
Our new closets are beautiful. I highly recommend the dark wood finish — it looks the richest. Fast Closets are the cheaper cousins of Closet Works but the same materials and lifetime guarantee. They have (I guess) fewer options but were PLENTY diverse for our needs.
The convenience and speed with which this company transformed my closets made every penny of their modest price worthwhile. I love them and recommend without qualification.

Vickie L.

Place rating: 5
Chicago, IL

Upping this review to 5 stars. So I just got my closets done this past Friday, per the review below, I was perfectly pleased except for the mishap with the installer arriving late. This morning (Monday) I get an email from the President thanking me for my review, apologizing for the installer arriving late and asking if he can do anything. Thanks Mike for emailing me, I really appreciate it, it’s nice to know that important people are reading and appreciate honest reviews.
So when I get home from work today, there are flowers on my doorstep — from Jose, the installer! In his note he apologized for the late start and said he hoped it didn’t cause too much of an inconvenience.
I am very impressed with this company and will gladly have them be the first to quote any future projects, and I will definitely be referring them to my friends that have any storage needs.

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