Karsons Front Swivel Hub Seal Kit - Single Hub (2023)

A Single front hub swivel seal kit contains the felt, rubber, steel seal and retainers for the Hilux Pickups and early LJ70Land Cruiser with solid front axles and manufactured by Karsons.

Please Note:
This kit is as per the Toyota designed kit seal kit 43204-60020, however, we would strongly recommend fitting the small inner axle seal (2 per vehicle and Genuine Toyota) to prevent oil flowing from the diff past the half shaft. May also be a good idea to replace the two wheel bearing oil seals and swivel bearings if needed, these parts are listed in Related parts if you wish to add them.

It is very common for the swivels housings to leak oil, this usually ends up with oil on the wheel and tyre, which is an MOT failure. we have added some helpful advice which will make fitting this basic swivel seal kit easier.

Karson's are a manufacturer of 4WD drivetrain components of which hub seals for all makes are their speciality. They are the actual manufacturers for many of the leading brands that choose to use the Karson's seals within their own kits. With this kit, we know that the products are to OE specification and using exceptionally good quality materials and fit.

The front hub swivel seal kit contains:

  • 1x split steel ring, Zinc coated,
  • 1x round hub sealing rubber
  • 1x dust felt with mounting holes
  • 2x Steel Zinc coated 1/2 moon retainers

Also recommended with thisbasic swivelseal kit would be;

  • x1 FrontinnerDriveshaft Seal each side.
  • x2 Koyo front swivelHub Bearingseach side.
  • Use one tub of CV Grease each side.
  • Our 54mm Extended Box Spannerwhich is specifically made with the correct extended depth for deep recessed hub nuts.
  • Front Differential Oil.
More Information
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number)MT 11835
OE Equivalent Part Number43204-60020
Warranty Options1 Year Parts Warranty
Fitting PositionFront Hub (ONE SIDE)
Unit of Sale1 Kit
Specs & Fitment

Toyota manual states preload of the swivel bearings, using a 'Spring Tension gauge' (like a fisher man's weigh scales) to be:
(When rotating) 3.0 - 6.0 kg (6.6 - 13.2 lb)

(Video) Toyota Solid Front Axle Knuckle Rebuild/Birfield Replacement - 80 Series Land Cruiser FJ80 FZJ80

Vehicle Compatibility

Below are a list of compatible vehicle for this product.

  • Toyota Hilux Pickup LN65R 2.4cc (2L) Diesel RHD (A - F reg, 8/1983-7/1988) UK Mk2
  • Toyota Hilux Pickup YN65R 2.0cc (3Y) Petrol RHD (A - D reg, 8/1983-8/1985) UK Mk2
  • Toyota Hilux Pickup YN67R 2.2cc (4Y) Petrol RHD (C - L reg, 8/1985-7/1988) UK Mk2
  • Toyota Hilux Pickup LN105R 2.4cc (2L) Diesel RHD (F - R reg, 8/1988-7/1997) UK Mk3
  • Toyota Hilux Pickup YN106R 2.2cc (4Y) Petrol RHD (F - R reg, 8/1988-8/1997) UK Mk3
  • Toyota Hilux Pickup LN106 2.8cc (3L) Diesel RHD (F - R reg, 8/1988-8/1997) Import
  • Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70R 2.4cc (2LT) Turbo Diesel RHD (D - G reg, 1986-1/1990) UK
  • Toyota Land Cruiser LJ71 2.4cc (2LT) Turbo Diesel RHD (C - G reg, 1986-1/1990) Import

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Product Reviews for Karsons Front Swivel Hub Seal Kit - Single Hub


(Video) Toyota 4x4 Solid Front Axle Rebuild Part 1/2 (Birfield Tear Down)

Questions & Answers for Karsons Front Swivel Hub Seal Kit - Single Hub

On the end of the axle are the round swivels where the bearing cups fit, these are rusted but welded as part of the axle, do I need to replace the axle to stop leaks?
Corrosion to these round swivels is very common on this Toyota setup unlike a LandRover for example where they unbolt off, the Toyota axle swivels seals are relatively crude as they are only designed to hold back hub grease and not oil like the LandRover, therefore, a good cleanup with some coarse emery and apply a thin smear of grease to the balls before assembling the swivel seals and the axle should be fine.

Why does oil run out onto the wheels?
The main hubs in the CV joint area etc are only filled with grease NOT oil or a form of liquid grease. The swivel hub seals behind the two half moon plates, felt, steel ring and the rubber flat seal are only designed to hold back grease, hence why the pitting or corrosion as mentioned earlier isn't such an issue.
When oil from the differential is allowed to flow into the hub then it contaminates the grease make a 'liquid type' solution, the swivel seals not being designed to cope with this then allows the diff oil to flow out the bottom and onto the wheel.
So, a lot of the time it can be the small axle oil seal which seals the axle casing inside to the half shaft that 'could' be allowing oil to seep past and into the hub contaminating the grease.

Remember, good mechanical advice is to always look for the reason for ANY failure and not just the obvious... in this case obviously oil is running out past the round swivel seals but is it in fact the small axle seal that really causing the issue?... these are the question that you or the mechanic need to look out for else you could be doing the whole job again.

What do the shims do?
Shims on this axle setup do two things,

  • firstly they align the whole knuckle housing (The main casting that has the 4 large studs top and bottom), this is essential so that the half-shaft running from the differential into the hub runs central to the small axle seal. For example, if you fitted to many at the top and none at the bottom then this would, in theory, mean the knuckle runs to high and would force the half shaft up against the seal more at 12.00 o'clock, in time this would cause early oil seal failure and again the oil to seep past as mentioned earlier.
  • The shims adjust the preload applied to swivel bearings. If you had no shims then you would over tighten the preload, too many and you would have slack bearings whereby the whole knuckle and hub would be loose. Again getting the preload correct is essential.
    Toyota manual states preload of the swivel bearings, using a "Spring Tension gauge" (like a fisher man's weigh scales) to be:
    (When rotating) 3.0 - 6.0 kg (6.6 - 13.2 lb)

Do I need to check the axle breather?
Yes, if blocked this could potentially cause oil to force past the seal, you can clean them or replace.

Fitting Guide: General Hub Breakdown Layout

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