Nightwing's 10 Greatest Fights (In The Comics) (2023)

As Batman's first Robin, a former Teen Titan, and an Outsider, Dick Grayson has had an extensive career as a prominent player in DC's canon. While he often usually works solo as Nightwing nowadays, he's not opposed to team-ups with other members of The Bat-Family, Titans, and his former lovers (all of which often overlap).

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With his impressive acrobatic feats and highly advanced martial arts training (courtesy of both Batman and Wildcat), Nightwing has a lot going for him. Over the years, he's gone up against the likes of Joker, Deathstroke, and Ra's Al Ghul, and though he hasn't always won his fights, they've always been entertaining.



10 Nightwing (& "Friends") Vs. Freeze

Nightwing's 10 Greatest Fights (In The Comics) (1)

The Batman Who Laughs was probably one of the most anticipated and acclaimed villains DC ever released, mostly due to the circumstances of his existence. Batman had killed the Joker in an alternate universe but was exposed to a chemical that gradually transformed him into a Joker-fiedversion of himself. When he first appeared inDeath Nights: Metal, he empowered several of Gotham's supervillains with reality-altering powers, including Mr. Freeze.

Through chaos and circumstance, Nightwing found himself in the company of Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Green Arrow, and Robin (Damian Wayne). Fighting together, they encountered the sub-zero supervillain, who'd attained a new mastery over cryokinesis, calling himself "Freeze" and conjuring Ice Giants. Unearthing the Court of Owls' armory, the group was able to overwhelm Freeze's newfound powers.

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9 Nightwing Vs. Ra's Al Ghul

Nightwing's 10 Greatest Fights (In The Comics) (2)

Though Nightwing would overtake Batman's identity and position following Bruce Wayne's death, the switch wasn't immediate. When he finally came to terms with Bruce's demise, Nightwing planned on rebuilding the Batcave from the ground up. Attacked by Ra's Al Ghul's ninjas, Ghul proceeded to invite Nightwing to "talk."

Though peaceful at first, Ghul inquires about Batman's fate, and the two engage in a swordfight. Ghul disregards Nightwing's attempt at filling Batman's shoes and states that he regrets not being the one to have the honor of killing him. Despite not having the same millennia of experience, Nightwing used his rage to best Ghul, telling him he'd have never been able to kill Batman.

8 Nightwing Vs. Deathwing

Nightwing's 10 Greatest Fights (In The Comics) (3)

During theNightwing Must Die!storyline, Nightwing and his girlfriend Shawn Tsang were targeted by Deathwing, who was revealed to be a Dollotron of Prossefor Pyg. Pyg had mutated and brainwashed Deathwing into believing that he was the real Dick Grayson. According to Nightwing himself, Deathwing even had his voice.

The stakes were high in their fight, as Shawn told Nightwing there was a possibility that she was pregnant. Nightwing, accompanied by Damian Wayne, set out to find her. Deathwing taunted the two before sealing Damian in a coffin, continuously toying with Nightwing's emotions. With Shawn, Damian, and possibly his child's lives on the line, the fight was high stakes and intense, especially because Deathwing possessed all of Nightwing's training.

7 Nightwing Vs. Raptor

Nightwing's 10 Greatest Fights (In The Comics) (4)
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A freelance assassin, Raptor was a frequent employee of The Court of Owls. When Nightwing infiltrated the Court to spy on them, they often partnered him and Raptor together. Like Nightwing, Raptor was a former circus performer, and in his youth, he met and became enamored with Mary Llyod, Nightwing's mother. When Mary fell in love with Nightwing's father, John Grayson, Raptor stalked her all across the world as her "protector."

Raptor did not initially reveal this Nightwing when they formerly met, but it quickly became apparent why he spared Nightwing in the moments he did: Out of respect for his mother. When the truth eventually came out, Nightwing attempted to use Raptor's love for Mary to sway him to the side of justice, though Raptor never got the chance thanks to Blockbuster.

6 Nightwing Vs. Punchline

Nightwing's 10 Greatest Fights (In The Comics) (5)

Following a traumatic brain injury, Nightwing was left without most of his memories, and he started life over as Ric Grayson. Following several more personality and identity swaps (including where he was controlled under Joker's influence), Dick Grayson fully restored himself to his real identity and Nightwing persona during the events of Joker War.

Joker's newest girlfriend, Punchline, was fully involved in controlling and manipulating Dick as Joker's pawn, so it was only fitting he got back at her for it. Though young, Punchline had been able to best and incapacitate Batman, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman (though it may have been because they were underestimating her). Regardless, Nightwing's experience seemed to give him a lot more edge over the latest Joker groupie.

5 Nightwing Vs. Hush

Nightwing's 10 Greatest Fights (In The Comics) (6)
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This particular battle is rather interesting considering the circumstances. Batman and Catwoman were set to be married, but their public identities would not be. Nightwing and Superman celebrated the occasion by taking Batman, with Superman intending to use a Lightning Door to access a pocket dimension where the three could go fishing in peace.


However, before that could happen, Hush— Bruce Wayne's childhood friend— arrived on the scene, attacking Nightwing and Batman out of jealously. Using a bazooka, Hush damaged the Lightning Door and caused it to be unstable, resulting in him and Nightwing being transported to a dimension known as The Betwixt. Inhabited by beings known as Gone Men, Nightwing had to hold his own against them and Hush at the same time.

4 Nightwing Vs. The Talon

Nightwing's 10 Greatest Fights (In The Comics) (7)

Over the years, one of the most enduring enemies of The Bat-Family has been The Court of Owls, an organization composed of Gotham's most wealthy elite who've existed since Colonial times. They have a habit of abducting circus children and training them to be their personal assassins, and one of Dick's own ancestors fell victim to this fate. Afterward, they become known as "Talons" and are preserved through cryostasis in the Court's sanctum.

Nightwing's great grandfather, William Cobb, came into conflict with Batman several times, and the Talon ultimately ended up captured and brought to the Batcave for examination. Other Talons later attacked the Batcave and would ultimately set Cobb loose, and he set out to track down and attack Nightwing. Their fight saw them matched in terms of skill and experience. Still, because of Cobb's regenerative abilities, Nightwing was forced to get creative, breaking a pipe to release a stream of liquid Nitrogen to make Cobb "sleep" once more.

3 Nightwing Vs. Saiko

Nightwing's 10 Greatest Fights (In The Comics) (8)
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Born Raymond McCreary, Saiko was originally a member of Haly's Circus, the same circus that Dick Grayson and his parents performed in. During his youth, Dick was actually being scouted by the Court of Owls to be their new lieutenant but lost their chance to recruit him when Bruce Wayne officially adopted him. Saiko was their backup choice. The Court ultimately abandoned Saiko to die, and he eventually came to blame Grayson for what had happened to him.

Saiko first appeared inNightwing #1 (Vol. 3), arriving in Gotham to kill Grayson out of vengeance. He first investigated Haly's Circus, which Dick had coincidentally visited for the first time since his parents' deaths. Saiko would fight Nightwing on several occasions, but their final battle during a memorial show for Dick's parents truly took the cake. Saiko set the circus on fire and revealed his identity to Nightwing, adding a layer of emotional weight to their final fight.

2 Nightwing Vs. Lady Shiva

Nightwing's 10 Greatest Fights (In The Comics) (9)

Shiva's well known throughout the DC universe to be one of the most (if notthemost) skilled hand-to-hand fighters in the world. Often killing her targets with nothing but her bare hands, anyone fighting against her pretty much signs their own death warrant. Though she holds a great amount of respect for the Bat-Family members, she does not hesitate to fight them when they get in her way.

InNightwing #13(Vol. 3), Nightwing learned that Shiva was reportedly working in Gotham. After a few sidetracks to finding her (including helping to keep hitmen off her), Shiva confronts Nightwing in#14. She seems to treat their fight as more of a test of Nightwing's abilities than anything else, and though he is clearly outmatched, he can land a few blows on her thanks to a surge of courage. It's really a testament to Nightwing's graceful fighting style and quick strikes, something Shiva states she respects.

1 Nightwing Vs. KGBeast

Nightwing's 10 Greatest Fights (In The Comics) (10)

A highly trained Russian assassin, KGBeast first made a name for himself as one of the many members of Batman's rogue gallery. Though his popularity as such notably faded over time, he was recently brought back into the caped crusader's sights when Bane hired him to kill Nightwing. KGBeastnearlysucceeded, shooting Nightwing in the head, which resulted in amnesia.

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Though he'd eventually regained his memories and his title as Nightwing following the events of Joker War, KGBeast learned of Grayson's apparent survival, as did many others. Tracking him down once more, the assassin threatened Nightwing's girlfriend, Beatrice Bennet, and after a brief hostage situation, their rematch began. It quickly became evident that Beast was no match for the Bat's former protégé, though Nightwing himself made it loud and clear: He wasn't like Batman, not in the slightest.

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Who is Nightwing's greatest enemy? ›

Deathstroke. In many fans' opinions, Dick Grayson has no greater adversary than Slade Wilson. For nearly thirty years, Deathstroke and Grayson maintained an antagonistic dynamic that ranks as one of DC's most enduring rivalries.

What is Nightwing's worst fear? ›

While Nightwing is physically fearless, he does worry about a few things.
  • He is afraid of disappointing Batman (not of disagreeing with him, though)
  • He is afraid of disappointing or failing to protect Alfred.
  • He is afraid of anything bad happening to Barbara (Batgirl)
  • He is afraid of failing Gotham.

Who has Nightwing fought? ›

Nightwing Villains
  • Deathstroke. Archenemy.
  • Blockbuster. Archenemy.
  • Deathwing. Messed up version of Nightwing.
  • Black Mask. Fought sometimes.
  • Penguin. Fought sometimes.
  • Joker. Fought sometimes.
  • Lady Vic.
  • Nite-Wing. F-up version of Nightwing.

How good of a fighter is Nightwing? ›

Nightwing is an incredibly skilled fighter, and even in the battles he doesn't win, he certainly always gives comic readers an entertaining show. As Batman's first Robin, a former Teen Titan, and an Outsider, Dick Grayson has had an extensive career as a prominent player in DC's canon.

Who is Nightwing afraid of? ›

Nightwing has a long career in crime fighting that has spanned many decades, but one thing that's remained consistent is his fear of failure, which was instilled by Batman.

Can Nightwing defeat Joker? ›

But Nightwing was past the point of reason and proceeded to attack the Joker until finally, he could deliver the killing blow. He got that chance and proceeded to beat the clown prince of crime into a bloody pulp.

Who is the evil version of Nightwing? ›

Nightwing isn't exactly famous for his villains, but his most ridiculous nemesis is absolutely his evil DC counterpart, Deathwing.

What is Jason Todd's worst fear? ›

While he was Robin, Jason Todd saw a number of things in the fear gas, from a Pre-Crisis fear of heights to a Post-Crisis fear of failure to live up to the Robin legacy. These days, he mostly sees clowns.

Has Nightwing surpassed Batman? ›

The Moment Nightwing Surpassed Batman Officially Confirmed by DC - IMDb. Out of all of Batman's sidekicks, Nightwing was always the most likely to surpass the Caped Crusader, and Bruce himself was able to pinpoint the exact moment when this happened.

Who is stronger Jason or Nightwing? ›

No, instead, this has to do with a combination of Jason's countermoves and his mastery over weapons. So, while a gun-toting thug wouldn't necessarily pose a problem, it's Jason's capabilities that can give him an edge over Nightwing. Thus, leaving him victorious.

Can Nightwing beat Falcon? ›

They both have comparable fighting skills, and Nightwing would not be fazed by Falcon flying. But Falcon is just barely better in a fight than Nightwing, giving him the win.

How skilled is Nightwing? ›

He has developed a skilled mastery of nearly every weapon in the world and is able to effectively use them in his combat skills. Nightwing have beat many people like Roy Harper and Ra Al Ghul in swordsmanship and throw modified Shuriken blind.

What is Nightwing best weapon? ›

Whereas Batman mainly uses his fists for a fight, Nightwing uses his Escrima Sticks. These powerful tools are dual-wielded batons, which are sure to pack a punch.

Is Nightwing suit bulletproof? ›

Advanced durability: Dick's new suit is composed of Nomex (making it flame-resistant) and Kevlar (making it bulletproof). It is also electrically insulated (preventing shock) and light-sensitive (allowing it to change when exposed to light).

Who is more skilled Red Hood or Nightwing? ›

Nightwing would win a fight against Red Hood. They have stalemated most of their fights so far, meaning their skills and abilities are similar. But Nightwing has a slight advantage because of Red Hood's rage issues. This decision was made based on several factors.

Who accidentally killed Nightwing? ›

Damian Wayne killed Nightwing in the comic book Injustice: God Among Us, where Superman goes insane when Joker manipulates him to kill his pregnant wife, Lois Lane. This tragedy prompts Superman to “police” everyone and ensures no crime is ever committed.

Is Nightwing immune to fear gas? ›

After Batman's death, Jason Todd stole a sample of the fear gas from the Batcave and later used it against Nightwing during their final confrontation for the mantle of the Bat. However, Nightwing was immune to the drug thanks to his previous encounter with Two-Face.

Can Nightwing defeat Robin? ›

While he might rate as Marvel's Batman, Nightwing would prove he doesn't even rate as Marvel's Robin by taking him out with all-around better combat, gadgets, and training.

Can Catwoman beat Nightwing? ›

In truth, this battle was a close one and could have gone either way, but when all things are considered, Nightwing gets the win.

Has Nightwing ever beaten Superman? ›

10 Unlike His Mentor, Nightwing Has Never Beaten Superman

The two heroes respect each other immensely. They've worked together a lot over the years but that doesn't mean they're always on the same side. They haven't fought each other very much, but Nightwing has never won against the Man of Steel.

Can deathstroke beat Nightwing? ›

Deathstroke would win in a fight against Nightwing. This is because he is stronger, faster, has more stamina, and is incredibly more durable than Nightwing. What's more, Deathstroke has enhanced brain activity which allows his mind to operate at peak efficiency.

Who is Nightwing secret sister? ›

Melinda Grayson-Lin, born Melinda Zucco, is the mayor of Bludhaven and Nightwing's half-sister, the result of an affair between John Grayson and Tony Zucco's first wife Meili Lin.

Does Red Hood hate Nightwing? ›

Even though he couldn't say it at the time, it's undeniable that Red Hood has always cared about Nightwing as his brother.

What is the opposite of Nightwing? ›

Legend. The true Flamebird is a massive, flaming dragon-like creature from deep in Krypton's past. The bird's partner is Nightwing, who is also its mate and opposite.

Who does Jason Todd hate? ›

The only reason Jason isn't happy with Bruce is because he didn't avenge his death and didn't kill the Joker. He's pretty much angry at Bruce for not going against his moral code- No Killing.

What mental disorders does Jason Todd have? ›

He suffers from bipolar disorder and chronic, suicidal depression, and wrestles constantly his history of abuse and how it affects him today. All of his mental instability, too, was only compounded by the eldritch power that rests within the Lazarus Pit that brought about resurrection.

What is Tim Drake's fear? ›

Batman finds Tim. Tim fears he will never be Robin now for disobeying Batman's orders but had deduced it was a trap set by Scarecrow. Batman asks Tim why he didn't don the Robin suit and Tim says he was afraid that, if he failed, he would disgrace it.

Does Batman love Nightwing the most? ›

In the years since they began working together, the two heroes made quite a mark on the world and were generally considered the two best. Batman loves and respects Nightwing, and he acknowledges that there are a lot of things Nightwing does better than him.

Who is richer Batman or Nightwing? ›

Nightwing writer Tom Taylor confirms Dick Grayson is officially richer than Bruce Wayne/Batman when speaking with CBR at San Diego Comic-Con. Dick Grayson officially has a larger bank account than his mentor, according to Nightwing writer Tom Taylor.

Can Nightwing beat Ra's al Ghul? ›

5 Nightwing Has Been Able To Beat Ra's al Ghul As His Own

Nightwing has had some tremendous fights over the years and his battle against Ra's al Ghul was no different. Nightwing proved to Ra's al Ghul that he was more than just a sidekick to be used against Batman.

Who is better Damian or Nightwing? ›

Nightwing Is His Own Hero, Not a Refined Batman

Nightwing may be an amazing hero, but if Batman's qualification for his sidekicks is that they refine his own tactics, there's only one candidate for the best Robin - Damian Wayne. Damian is, by far, the most independent Boy Wonder to date.

Who would win Nightwing or Daredevil? ›

Daredevil is a slightly more skilled martial artist with enhanced senses than Nightwing. However, Daredevil's blindness and his senses being vulnerable to outside conditions make him beatable if Nightwing knows how to exploit that.

Can Nightwing beat Starfire? ›

1 Winner: Starfire

All things considered, Starfire is just far too powerful for Nightwing to possibly beat. Even with all the skill he possesses and his years worth of experience as a hero, Koriand'r's abilities, durability, and unmerciful tendencies would make this a pretty unfair battle.

Can Black Widow beat Nightwing? ›

Black Widow might be one of the few people on the in any comic book universe who could keep up with Nightwing in combat. But if they faced off in a fight, it would be an incredible war that would absolutely destroy the rooftops of Gotham.

Does Nightwing have a nemesis? ›

Having come to Blüdhaven in the first few issues of DC's newest era of Nightwing, Heartless debuted as a truly dark foe who rips out the hearts of his victims in order to add them to his frighteningly large collection.

Can Nightwing beat Gambit? ›

9 Would Lose To: Nightwing

Gambit is good but he just can't hold a candle to Nightwing. Nightwing has been fighting evil since he was a young boy and his years of experience will serve him well. He's agile enough to avoid Gambit's charged cards and get in close enough to do a lot of damage.

What is Nightwing's weakness? ›

And even before that, Heartless unintentionally exploited Nightwing's other weakness: the lingering damage from being shot in the head.

What is Nightwing's IQ? ›

Tim Drake comes in at second place with an IQ of around 185. Bruce Wayne has stated that with experience Tim Drake will eventually surpass his IQ. Damian Wayne comes in 3rd at 170. Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood come in at 155.

How fast can Nightwing run? ›

He has been said to be faster than Batman. He is capable of sprinting speeds of approximately 30 mph. Nightwing himself has said that he's fast enough to outrun a moving vehicle.

What is the best Nightwing suit? ›

Gotham Knights: 10 Best Suits For Nightwing
  • 8 Privateer.
  • 7 Neon Noir.
  • 6 Eternal.
  • 5 Beyond.
  • 4 Titan.
  • 3 Default.
  • 2 Knighthood.
  • 1 Knightwatch.
Feb 16, 2023

Why doesn t Nightwing wear armor? ›

Nightwing decided to put less armor in his suit. He noticed that the armor tended to weigh him down and prevent him from doing some of his signature moves.

What skill tree is best for Nightwing? ›

The Acrobat skill tree gives Nightwing the best momentum generation out of all the playable heroes, allowing him to use his Momentum Abilities consistently and regularly. It also gives him a very powerful chain-dodging ability.

Does Nightwing go insane? ›

They find that Thomas's body was missing and then get attacked by Scarecrow. While fighting, Nightwing get sprayed by the fear toxin and goes crazy.

How heavy is Nightwing? ›

Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Height: 5'10". Weight: 175 lbs.

Can Nightwing turn invisible? ›

Nightwing's invisibility gives Doomsday time to ramp up to his more dangerous levels, and both invisibility and evasion up count as buffs towards his gates.

Who is stronger Nightwing or Harley Quinn? ›

Who would win, Nightwing vs Harley Quinn? Nightwing hands down. Harley Quinn is called a 'skilled acrobat' and is at heart a street fighter with no or little formal training in combat despite being quite dangerous with various weapons.

Is Nightwing a better Batman or Bruce? ›

Not only has Dick Grayson proved he's the best replacement Batman, he's demonstrated he's a better Batman than Bruce Wayne. When it comes to a mentor and a sidekick pair, none are more iconic than the original Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.

Who was Nightwings first villain? ›

5 Tony Zucco Is The Original Nightwing Villain

Dick Grayson's first villain, Tony Zucco, is responsible for the death of his parents. Zucco debuted in Detective Comics #48 as a mafia thug in Gotham's criminal underworld.

Which Robin kills Nightwing? ›

Nightwing's death at the hands of Damian Wayne's Robin in DC's Injustice comics adaptation is still a controversial subject among fans.

Does Deathstroke hate Nightwing? ›

As part of the Teen Titans, one of his most notable enemies was Deathstroke. While he began as an adversary for the team, Deathstroke and Nightwing slowly formed an intense rivalry with one another that extended beyond Dick's tenure with the Titans.

Who made Nightwing Deadwing? ›

Deathwing is the Dollotron clone of Nightwing created by Professor Pyg.

What did tarantula do to Nightwing? ›

Controversy. At the end of Nightwing (vol. 2) #93 (July 2004), after Tarantula killed Blockbuster, she raped Nightwing on the rooftop. At the time, Nightwing was in shock and undergoing deep emotional trauma.

What are Nightwings weaknesses? ›

And even before that, Heartless unintentionally exploited Nightwing's other weakness: the lingering damage from being shot in the head.

Which Robins has Joker killed? ›

Jason Todd's brutal murder at the hands of The Joker is one of the darkest moments in Batman's mythos, but The Clown Prince of Crime may have killed the second Robin to destroy what is left of his conscience.

Does Batman forgive Robin for killing Nightwing? ›

It was NOT Damian's intention to kill Richard Grayson. The death of Nightwing was a accident. Still, Batman never forgave Damian. After Grayson's death, Damian joined Superman's Regime.

What is Slade obsessed with Robin? ›

Slade considered Robin his rival as the leader of the Teen Titans. Slade was impressed by Robin's abilities, powers, and personality, and wanted him to be his apprentice. Slade admits that he tried to get Robin's attention by leaving clues and messages for him to investigate.

Who is Deathstroke's favorite Robin? ›

In Teen Titans Annual #2, Deathstroke reveals that his favorite Robin is none other than Damian Wayne.


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