Will Marvel Recats Iron Fist? 3 Actors Who Would Be Great for the Role (2023)

Marvel Cinematic Universe evolved massively over the last decade or so. From Incredible Hulk and the first Iron Man movie to adventures in space, MCU branched out worldwide and introduced us to many superheroes. However, before Marvel Studios decided to create their own TV series and stream them on Disney+ platforms, Netflix superhero shows were really popular. New York-based Marvel superhero Daredevil was the staple for multiple spin-off shows that included Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Punisher, and Iron Fist. The first three shows were quite popular among the fans and were decent, but Iron Fist was a huge disappointment. After Marvel decided to cancel the series on Netflix and decided eventually to reintroduce the characters to the MCU, the media and fans started speculating who could potentially be cast as the new Iron Fist, which will be the main topic of this article.

There is a huge possibility of Finn Jones’ Iron Fist being recast for Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Jon Bernthal‘s Punisher returning. Finn Jones wasn’t a bad Iron Fist, and his portrayal mostly suffered because of bad writing, which is why he could return one day to MCU. Other three actors include Jessica Henwick, who played Colleen Wing in Iron Fist, and Lewis Tan, the actor who portrayed Shatterstar in Deadpool 2. Finally, Tanner Buchanan from Cobra Kai also seems like a good candidate for the role.

A recasting of Iron Fist might happen, and if we are to believe the media over the last few years, we could say that another actor will replace Finn Jones as Iron Fist. However, the media also reported once upon a time that Daredevil and Punisher would be recast as well, but we got Cox and Bernthal back in MCU, which totally contradicted the reports at the time. We will list three names and our reasoning behind their picks.

Why was Iron Fist show bad?

So, this might be the “old news” because years have passed since the Iron Fist show was canceled, but before we dwell into the “core” of the topic, let’s remember why Iron Fist was the worst of Netflix Marvel shows.

When the critics saw the early screening of the show, they slammed it immediately. The reasoning behind the bad reviews was simply the bad writing and just poor characterization of Danny Rand.

In the first season of Iron Fist, Danny Rand’s origins were in focus, and despite the series’ following the source material, the character and writing it was lackluster. There was never a clear intent or motivation of Danny Rand, who seemed so lost at times in his own series. When writers purposely try to be vague to create mystery around the character, most of the time, this leads to writers not having a proper idea of their storyline path.

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Danny Rand’s character was a massive victim of that, and in comparison to other Defenders, Iron Fist was plain, boring, and just a disappointing character. Another major issue about the show was bad action scenes, and unfortunately, Danny Rand was at the forefront of that problem.

Iron Fist is a very balanced combatant, graceful yet brutal when he needs to be. The show doesn’t portray that part well at all. Netflix superhero shows were quite graphic, allowing action scenes to be brutal as they were in Marvel Comics. However, Iron Fist in the series was quite bad and uninspiring. There were rumors of Finn Jones not having martial arts training for the role, which some fans didn’t like, but it was eventually established that long filmings of the episodes prevented the actor from doing anything more significant in his preparation for action scenes.

The editing was also quite bad, which was surprising compared to other Netflix shows. The show’s writing was also poor; plot holes overshadowed good moments, and guest appearances overshadowed the main character.

Overall, the show was underwhelming, to say the least, and Finn Jones’ portrayal of Iron Fist was criticized heavily by the media. The actor wasn’t shining in his own show; frankly, that wasn’t all his fault. Fans are the opposite, and most of them didn’t mind Finn Jones portraying Iron Fist and always emphasized poor writing and mischaracterization of Iron Fist first over the actor’s performance. With all that being said, who would be recast as Iron Fist in MCU? Let’s find out.

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Jessica Henwick

Will Marvel Recats Iron Fist? 3 Actors Who Would Be Great for the Role (1)

This pick is actually one of the fan favorites for the recast of Iron Fist. The actress who portrayed another character in Iron Fist, Colleen Wing, is actually a really good candidate for the Iron First mantle. The last time we saw Colleen Wing, she gained Iron Fist powers bestowed on her by Danny Rand himself. The end of season two sees Colleen Wing gaining Iron Fist powers, defeating Davos, another candidate for the Iron Fist title, and acting as a superhero during Danny Rand’s temporary absence.

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Colleen already has Iron Fist powers, which would make her induction to MCU easier, and another plus is that she is the actress is an Asian – the current Iron Fist in Marvel Comics is a young Chinese man, Lin Lie.

Jessica Henwick has expressed the wish to return to MCU and reprise Colleen Wing’s character, but maybe she would be open to portraying Iron Fist instead; who knows? Nevertheless, fans wouldn’t mind her being a new Iron Fist since her character’s storyline makes sense in the context of the MCU.

Lewis Tan

Will Marvel Recats Iron Fist? 3 Actors Who Would Be Great for the Role (2)
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Another Asian on this list is Lewis Tan. Marvel fans know this actor from Deadpool 2, where he portrayed Shatterstar. Tan is an English-Asian actor with vast experience in martial arts projects like Mortal Combat and Deadpool 2 and would fit perfectly as Iron Fist.

Besides being an Asian and a good actor, Tan’s vast experience in martial arts is something that would propel Iron Fist’s character and excitement tenfold since this particular part of the character is lacking in Finn Jones’ portrayal.

I’m not a huge fan of casting actors that already were part of one superhero project, but Tan seems quite suitable. However, because Lewis Tan already appeared in season one of the Iron Fist show as a villain, Zhou Cheng, this entry might not be possible, but it’s worth mentioning.

Tanner Buchanan

Will Marvel Recats Iron Fist? 3 Actors Who Would Be Great for the Role (3)

We are staying with experienced martial arts actors, or at least the ones that portrayed a role where this particular skill is needed, and that’s Tanner Buchanan. The mentioned experience stems from the popular comedy-drama TV series Cobra Kai, where Buchanan portrays Robby Keene.

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He is an American of Filipino descent, a good actor, and has the charisma to portray Danny Rand, or even Lin Lie, as the new Iron Fist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Buchanan might be too boyish for the role of Danny Rand, but why not go with Lin Lie, the current version of the Iron Fist in Marvel Comics, with which the young actor could fit more – and Marvel is yet to truly form Young Avengers or Champions team in MCU. It’s worth trying, isn’t it?

Finn Jones

Will Marvel Recats Iron Fist? 3 Actors Who Would Be Great for the Role (4)

This last entry is basically an honorable mention since Finn Jones is quite liked among Marvel fans. If we check Marvel forums, most fans would like the actor to return to MCU as Iron Fist. They believe that Jones can portray Danny Rand and that better writing and characterization of the superhero would do wonders for the actors’ portrayal.

Finn Jones expressed multiple times that he would love to return as Iron Fist in MCU, but knows that the show’s reception and his portrayal weren’t always hailed as great. Knowing that Mike Colter, who portrayed Luke Cage, hinted at probably not returning to MCU as Power Man might indicate that Jones won’t return either as Iron Fist.

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Finn Jones didn’t have a very easy job of working with a bad script, and it seems that bad reception from the media, and a slightly better reaction from the fans, won’t help the return of Finn Jones to the MCU, as Iron Fist.


Has Iron Fist been recast? ›

In particular, they noted that Finn Jones, who played Iron Fist, is the only actor they're told for sure won't be coming back. This leaves the aforementioned Jessica Jones actress Krysten Ritter, Jon Bernthal who played Punisher, and Mike Colter who played Luke Cage as candidates for being recast or brought back.

Who will play the new Iron Fist? ›

In Iron Fist #1, it's revealed Lin Lie, aka Sword Master, has taken on the role of Marvel's new Iron Fist. In choosing a hero of Chinese descent to take the mantle, Marvel addresses criticisms of cultural appropriation and white savior narratives that have long dogged Iron Fist stories.

Will Iron Fist be in Shang-Chi 2? ›

Iron Fist makes his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a new Shang-Chi 2 fan-made trailer. One of the new heroes that joined the MCU in Phase 4 was Shang-Chi. The film marked the introduction of who will be one of the new Avengers down the line.

Who would win Shang-Chi or Iron Fist? ›

Shang-Chi would win in a fight against Iron Fist. Although both are known for their impressive mastery of numerous martial arts and once stalemated in a fight, Shang-Chi has better chi control and better fighting skills.

Is Danny Rand no longer Iron Fist? ›

The New Iron Fist Permanently Changes Danny Rand's Place in Marvel Lore. Marvel's new Iron Fist has officially replaced Danny Rand, but the former Hero for Hire is now in a totally unique new role in history.

Is Finn Jones back as Iron Fist? ›

With Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio returning for the upcoming series Daredevil: Born Again at Disney+, the possibility is always there we could one day see Finn Jones return as Iron Fist. With that said, there are no concrete plans at this time to bring the character back.

Will MCU introduce Iron Fist? ›

Netflix's Danny Rand, a.k.a. Iron Fist, makes his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a new Shang-Chi 2 fan-made trailer featuring Simu Liu. Iron Fist makes his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a new Shang-Chi 2 fan-made trailer. One of the new heroes that joined the MCU in Phase 4 was Shang-Chi.

Will Iron Fist join the Avengers? ›

Iron Fist is a Hero for Hire and member of the New Avengers.

Who is the new Marvel character Iron? ›

Riri Williams / Ironheart appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022), portrayed by Dominique Thorne. In December 2020, a Disney+ television series titled Ironheart was announced.

Does Shang-Chi go to Kun Lun? ›

With the battle over, Shang-Chi went out to the welcoming citizens of K'un Lun as their new emperor.

Is Ta Lo connected to Kun Lun? ›

Ta Lo is also a little similar to K'un-Lun from the "Iron Fist" TV series on Netflix. In "Iron Fist," K-un-Lun is one of the seven cities of heaven and can only be accessed every 15 years in China, much like the path to Ta Lo can only be accessed at certain rare times.

Is Lin Lie the new Iron Fist? ›

Lin Lie miraculously survives and washes ashore to K'un-Lun, where the recently reincarnated dragon Shou-Lao bestows him with his chi, saving Lie's life and making him the new Iron Fist.

Which avenger can beat Shang-Chi? ›

9 Black Widow Is A Talented Assassin But Would Only Surpass Shang-Chi In Cunning.

Which avenger can defeat Shang-Chi? ›

2 Iron Fist

Thanks to the power of the Iron Fist, he can focus his Chi to increase his strength, speed, agility and stamina to extraordinary levels. It also allows him to heal himself and others. By focusing his Chi into his fist, Danny can deliver a blow of superhuman impact.

Does Colleen become the Iron Fist? ›

After Davos' henchmen killed BB, Wing decided to let Iron Fist transfer into her after Davos was incapacitated. Despite Davos' attempt to keep his new power, Wing eventually defeated him and took on the title of Iron Fist during Rand's temporary absence.

What race is Danny Rand? ›

A white Danny Rand is an outsider in K'un Lun until he returns to New York City where he is the white heir to a multinational corporation. But an Asian American Danny Rand would have always been a stranger with no place to rest his head.

Can Iron Fist hurt Hulk? ›

With the Iron Fist, his physicality is boosted immensely as he has been able to physically harm the likes of Hulk and Nul the World Breaker as well as sent beings like Colossus and Skaar (Hulk's son) with a single punch. Followed by being able to one-shot Hercules and Ragnarok (Thor's clone).

Who is stronger Iron Fist? ›

The most powerful Iron Fist who ever lived was Wu Fongji. There is a simple explanation for this: she was also the Phoenix. Like most Phoenix hosts from Earth, she had stunning red hair, having been born of one parent from K'un Lun and another from a regular human of Earth).

Are Iron Fist and Shang Chi connected? ›

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was part of the MCU's Phase 4 and may have introduced a replacement for certain aspects of Iron Fist. Iron Fist currently is not part of the MCU outside the Netflix TV show that, as of the end of Phase 4, has not yet been confirmed canon.

Why didn t Finn Jones train for Iron Fist? ›

But then unfortunately once the show started, the filming schedule was just so tight – I was working 14 hours every day, six days a week, days into nights, nights into days – and actually my schedule didn't allow me to continue the training as much as I really hoped.”

Are Iron Fist and Spider Man friends? ›

Daniel Thomas Rand (of Earth-616), also known as Iron Fist, is an ally of Spider-Man and current CEO of Rand Corporation.

Is Iron Fist still canon? ›

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher are functionally not canon in the MCU.

Is Iron Fist autistic? ›

Danny shows a lot of behaviors associated with Asperger's, a condition on the autism spectrum. Symptoms of Asperger's include difficulty with social interactions, trouble empathizing with others, and a need for calmness and routine.

Is Daredevil linked to Iron Fist? ›

Marvel Cinematic Universe tie-ins

Iron Fist is the fourth of the ordered Netflix series, after Marvel's Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, which lead to the miniseries The Defenders.

Who was the Iron Fist before Danny Rand? ›

The existence of Orson Randall, the previous Iron Fist, was revealed, and Danny and Orson were mysteriously able to share the power of the Iron Fist. Randall taught Danny how to use his powers in different ways than how he has previously.

Who is stronger Iron Fist or Hulk? ›

Hulk is not vulnerable to any attack Iron Fist can make, and Hulk's ability to create shock waves in the air or ground or simply throw things makes it nigh impossible for IF to dodge Hulks melee attacks for long. One strike from Hulk ends the fight, if the shockwaves already don't.

What did Tony Stark call his new element? ›

In the Iron Man 2 novelization, the new element created by Tony Stark to replace Palladium in the arc reactor is called Vibranium.

Is adamantium stronger than vibranium? ›

While Adamantium might appear like the stronger metal in terms of sheer strength, Vibranium's versatility gives it a clear advantage. Adamantium is rigid and powerful but is only used in terms of weaponry, whereas Vibranium can be used for a variety of purposes.

Who is the next Iron Man in Avengers 5? ›

During a new interview with Life Hacker, the actor was asked who he wants to see return and interact with his multiverse villain. Majors did not hesitate to show his support for Robert Downey Jr.'s Avengers 5 return as Iron Man.

Is Ta Lo a city of heaven? ›

Ta-Lo, also called Daluo Tian (the Great Canopy Heaven), was one of the God Realms, among the Inner Planes, and a small "pocket" dimension adjacent to Earth, and the home dimension of the Xian. The highest of the 36 heavens of the Chinese gods.

Is Ta Lo a different dimension? ›

Ta Lo (Mandarin: 大罗) is a dimension within the Multiverse only accessible through a portal on Earth which is protected by a constantly changing bamboo maze forest which opens a safe path every year at the start of the Qingming Festival.

Is the mandarin in iron man connected to Shang-Chi? ›

The connection is related to the Ten Rings organisation, a terrorist outfit that was behind Tony Stark's kidnapping in Afghanistan. We finally met the founder of the globe-spanning criminal empire, Xu Wenwu (Tony Leung), better known as the Mandarin, in Shang-Chi.

What is Ta Lo based on? ›

Hidden in an enchanted bamboo forest, Ta Lo — based on a fictional location in Marvel Comics — is a mystical heavenly realm inhabited by impressive beasts created by the German VFX studio Trixter. These rumored residents initially inspire Wenwu to search for the place.

Does Kunlun exist? ›

Kunlun is a semi-mythical region not far from the source of the Yellow River. The Kunlun Mountains entered Chinese ideology during the Warring States Period (475-221 BCE), and have become closely integrated into Chinese culture.

Is Madame Gao from Kunlun? ›

Gao settled in K'un-Lun and learned how to use Chi for healing. However, she perverted the teachings of her masters with four others, including Alexandra Reid, Sowande, Murakami and Bakuto, to gain immortality and was banished as a result.

What mental illness does Iron Fist have? ›

"Danny suffers from deep trauma and PTSD from losing his parents, and from having to live in this brutal world so far away from his own society," said Jones.

Does Gao have the Iron Fist? ›

Like Davos, Gao also has history with the Iron Fist. She has powers of her own, she's been to K'un-Lun, and Danny's the second Iron Fist she has met in her unnaturally long lifetime. Gao is one of the five founders of The Hand, who we learned in The Defenders are closely linked to Iron Fist's mythology.

Who is Iron Fist Dragon? ›

Shou-Lao (寿老) is the mythical dragon of K'un-Lun and the origin of the Iron Fist power. When Danny Rand defeated him by punching his molten heart, Shou-Lao made him the new Iron Fist.

Who can beat Kang 1 on 1? ›

Spider-Man might be one of the best heroes to face off against Kang since he has already had his own multiversal adventure and his knowledge of other variants might be a key factor in helping the Avengers learn about defeating the Kang Dynasty.

Who can defeat Kang in Marvel? ›

Spider-Man and Kang have fought several times, and the Wall-Crawler was always able to beat the Conqueror. Kang underestimated Spider-Man, something that many powerful villains have done, and he paid for it. In one of Kang's first attacks, he created a Spider-Man robot to take out the Avengers.

Can Shang-Chi fly with the Ten Rings? ›

Shang-Chi later assumes leadership of the Five Weapons Society and acquires the Ten Rings weapons. Abilities via the Ten Rings: Superhuman strength, speed, durability and stamina. Flight.

Is Shang-Chi stronger than Doctor Strange? ›

Shang-Chi's links with the mystical side also puts him on par with that of Doctor Strange's powers, though his ability to tap into the Ten Rings' powers and the vital energy of his mother makes him potentially stronger than the Master of the Mystic Arts.

Can Shang-Chi beat Thor? ›

As Shang-Chi squares off against the Avengers, he decisively proves why he stands among Earth's Mightiest Heroes by taking down Thor singlehandedly.

Can Shang-Chi defeat Hulk? ›

While Shang-Chi isn't necessarily as physically strong as the Hulk, his knowledge in martial arts potentially gives him the edge in a battle.

Who is the biggest enemy of Iron Fist? ›

Steel Serpent (Davos) is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is usually depicted as an enemy of Iron Fist.

Who is the strongest character Iron Man has defeated? ›

1 Iron Man Took Out Korvac On His Own

Defeating Korvac all on his own is probably one of Iron Man's most impressive feats. The villain's powers put him up there with some of the most powerful beings in the cosmos, and the fact that Iron Man was able to defeat speaks well to the Armored Avenger's wherewithal.

Is Iron Fist Immortal? ›

Danny RandIron Fist. Trained in ways of martial arts at K'un-Lun, Danny Rand becomes the Immortal Iron Fist and uses his incredible abilities to defend others.

Is there more than one Iron Fist? ›

But as the final episode revealed, there's more than one Iron Fist in the world, and more than one way to use that power.

Why is Iron Fist not in MCU? ›

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was part of the MCU's Phase 4 and may have introduced a replacement for certain aspects of Iron Fist. Iron Fist currently is not part of the MCU outside the Netflix TV show that, as of the end of Phase 4, has not yet been confirmed canon.

Is Mike Colter returning as Luke Cage? ›

Luke Cage Star Not Actively Seeking MCU Return

“There's always potential, but at the same time, I'm very happy doing what I'm doing. I'm very happy doing film roles.

Will Disney make Iron Fist Season 3? ›

Like every other Marvel-produced series that aired on Netflix, Iron Fist was unceremoniously canceled once Disney began developing its own streaming service.

Who is Danny Rand's wife? ›

An Ultimate Marvel version of Colleen Wing appears in Ultimate Spider-Man #110 as the wife of Danny Rand.

Who are the strongest versions of Iron Fist? ›

The most powerful Iron Fist who ever lived was Wu Fongji. There is a simple explanation for this: she was also the Phoenix. Like most Phoenix hosts from Earth, she had stunning red hair, having been born of one parent from K'un Lun and another from a regular human of Earth).

How does Danny Rand still have the Iron Fist? ›

un-Lun and Earth. Danny would regain the power of the Iron Fist when the Black Dragon restored it, but also brainwashed Danny into becoming his own evil agent.

Why did Iron Fist fail? ›

Finn Jones, the actor behind Danny Rand, explains that Iron Fist failed because it was rushed due to scheduling conflicts with The Defenders.

Is Luke Cage continuing? ›

Colter was at the helm of Netflix's two seasons of Luke Cage, which aired across 26 episodes between 2016 and 2018. The show never made it to a third season however, as Netflix canceled Luke Cage months after the second season released.

Will we ever see Luke Cage again? ›

How Luke Cage & Jessica Jones Can Return To The MCU. At the moment, Marvel Studios hasn't announced any plans for Ritter and Colter to return as Jessica and Luke. However, since Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio reprised their roles in the MCU, the door for the original Marvel TV era is wide open for those possibilities.

Is Thomas Jones in Luke Cage? ›

Now starring in both film and television, his most recent appearance is as a prison villain turned street sensation in the Netflix series Luke Cage. He had a role as a love interest opposite Gabrielle Union in the BET series Being Mary Jane.

Who is the villain in Iron Fist season 3? ›

Steel Serpent (Davos) is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is usually depicted as an enemy of Iron Fist.


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