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Below is a complete listing of all Fiesta colors including the manufacture dates showing years of production. This chart also shows all discontinued Fiesta colors.. Color Years in Production; White: 1986: Black: 1986 - 2015: Rose: 1986 - 2005: Apricot: 1986 - 1998: Cobalt Blue: 1986 - Yellow: 1987 - Retired in 2002: Turquoise: 1988.

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New Fiesta in a store Contemporary Fiesta - 5 pieces for $45 in 2012. Fiesta is a line of ceramic glazed dinnerware manufactured and marketed by the Fiesta Tableware Company of Newell, West Virginia since its introduction in 1936, with a hiatus from 1973 to 1985. Fiesta is noted for its Art Deco styling and its range of often bold, solid colors.. The company was known as the Homer Laughlin.

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Almost 90 years later, these dishes are still one of the best-selling brands in the United States and are known for their durability and their bright colors. Fiestaware's original five colors included red, yellow, cobalt blue, green, and ivory. Turquoise was added in 1937, and these six colors were the only ones produced until 1950.

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After only 13 years of retirement, the Fiesta line was revived in 1986 for its 50th anniversary in five colors: Rose, Black, Cobalt, White, and Apricot. Production of the Fiesta line has been continuous since 1986, though the colors are constantly changing, keeping collectors interested and buying. Vintage Fiesta pieces, as well as many modern.

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In 1986, Laughlin offered five colors: Fiestaware Rose(1986-2005),Fiestaware Black (1986-),Fiestaware Cobalt (1986-),Fiestaware White (1986-),Fiestaware Apricot (pale pinkish tan) (1986-1998).The glaze texture on this new Fiesta is very smooth, hard and much shinier than the original. In 2009, a new line of square Fiesta dinnerware was introduced.

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Here is a list of all of the vintage Fiestaware colors produced before 1973: red, cobalt blue, light green, yellow, turquoise, old ivory, forest green, rose, chartreuse, gray, medium green, antique gold, turf green.. Using these letter codes is the best way to identify the year your modern Fiestaware pieces were made.

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800.928.6613. [email protected]. The Homer Laughlin China Company's™ Fiesta® Dinnerware brand features art deco styling and bold, bright colors. It was originally designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead in 1936. Discontinued in 1973, Fiesta made resurgence in 1986, marking the brand's 50th anniversary and the continuation of a.

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The History of Fiesta® Dinnerware was documented by Homer Laughlin China Company. Homer and Shakespeare Laughlin, two brothers from East Liverpool, Ohio, formed a partnership in 1871 to sell pottery ware, which was made in the factories located in their hometown.The pottery industry in East Liverpool had begun in the 1840's, manufacturing.

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Fiesta® Peony Color Comparison to Other Pink Plates All of Fiesta's pink color plates. Peony is Fiesta®'s 2022 color of the year! Long-awaited has been another pink color plate to complete the rainbow of plates Fiesta® offers. Past pink colors include Rose (both the 50's launch and the 1987 launch), Persimmon, and Flamingo.

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The color of the dinnerware is an indicator used to date Fiesta pieces since certain hues were produced for very limited periods. These early colors are usually broken down into the original colors of cobalt blue, light green, ivory, red, yellow, and turquoise (added to the line in 1937). Then there are the 1950s colors of chartreuse, forest.


These discontinued Fiestaware colors can be divided into several categories: The Original Fiesta Colors The original colors are cobalt blue, light green, ivory, red, turquoise and yellow. These colors were introduced in 1936. Of these colors, the production periods are as follows: Vintage Fiesta Best Deals. Cobalt Blue Fiestaware - 1936 to 1951.

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FIESTAWARE COLORS BY YEAR. Fiestaware, known for its vibrant colors, has evolved over the years, offering a rich tapestry of hues that reflect changing tastes and trends. Understanding these colors by year allows collectors and enthusiasts to appreciate the historical and aesthetic nuances of this iconic dinnerware.

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"The blue family continues to have a heavy influence on the tabletop this year and Twilight is a strong addition to our family of cool colors.. 16 colors in its spectrum. For 2021, with no retiring colors as of now, there are 16 signature Fiesta colors. Fiesta's 2021 colors include: Twilight, Slate, Scarlet, Poppy, Butterscotch, Daffodil.

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At any given time, Fiesta Dinnerware has 13 - 16 colors in its spectrum. For 2022, there are 13 full-time signature Fiesta colors. Fiesta's 2022 colors include: Peony, Scarlet, Poppy, Butterscotch, Daffodil, Sunflower, Lemongrass, Meadow, Turquoise, Lapis, Twilight, Mulberry, Slate, and White; with Ivory being available during the 4th quarter.

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Blue (Cobalt) 1936 - 1951. 1987 - 2021. Red. 1936 - 1943. 1959 - 1972. Since 1936, a total of 55 colors were introduced into the line. Each year, the company continues its tradition of introducing a new color to the dinnerware collection. The constant evolution of colors makes the brand appealing to a broad and widely varied audience.

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The First Five Fiesta Colors 1936. There are eleven vintage Colors in the original Fiesta ware line designed by Frederic Rhead. The original lineup (shown above) included Red (the orange one), Cobalt (the blue one, originally titled simply Blue but collectors often refer to the color as Cobalt), Ivory, Green (sometimes now referred to as "Light Green", or "Original Green), Yellow.