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FOR YOUR SCRAMBLED EGGS: Frank's RedHot. Amazon. Frank's RedHot is simple โ€” cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, water, salt, garlic powder โ€” cheap and readily available everywhere (your.

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How To Cook Collard Greens (Image credit: Dana Velden) 6. To perk up a bowl of greens. Or dirty rice. Or fried chicken. Really, there aren't many Southern foods that don't benefit from a good slosh of hot sauce. 7. Stirred into ketchup. An easy spicy condiment for fries and burgers.

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Nuts - Give your nuts a spicy twist by coating them in olive oil and your favorite hot sauce (chipotle-based sauces add a nice smoky kick), and then toasting them in the oven. This works with any type of nut. Cheese - Cheese and hot sauce are a match made in heaven. Try halloumi fries or other cheesy treats with a fruity or fermented hot sauce.

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1. Nuggets. If you love putting hot sauce on chicken wings, this snack is another perfect option for you. The way you prepare the nuggets is up to you. You can coat them in a hot sauce before sticking them in the oven, or you can prepare a dipping sauce with hot sauce mixed in for a kick of flavor.

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Walsh says that your core body temperature actually elevates in a process called thermogenesis and contributes to a temporary increase in metabolic rate. If the hot sauce is spicy enough, you may start to sweat or breathe rapidly. Walsh explains that these are just two ways the body cools itself. "Increased saliva and mucus production may occur.

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Buffalo Turkey Burgers. Celery and blue cheese dressing help tame the hot sauce on this turkey burger recipe. For an even lighter version, pass on the buns and serve the burgers with lettuce leaves, sliced onion and chopped tomato. โ€”Mary Pax-Shipley, Bend, Oregon.

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Plus, hot sauce has, like, no calories. Sprinkle it on salad and you've got a no-cal dressing that will make you totally forget you're eating rabbit food. It even can improve lesser condiments out.

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10. Add to ground pork to make your own breakfast sausage patties. 11. Train your dog against eating from the table (mild heat, of course). 12. Create a spicy mayonnaise as a dipping sauce or spread. 13. Make a Mexican hot chocolate to warm up with. 14.

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Noodles. For a quick take on ramen noodles, whip up a batch to serve with seasoning and hot sauce. Pour in as little or as much as your tastebuds can handle. The perfect post night-out snack. Hot chocolate. Drink, snack - who cares. A hot chocolate with extra heat is what the Mexicans call a winter warmer.

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I'd eat it by the spoonful if it wasn't socially (and medically) unacceptable. Kaleigh Embree: Mike's Hot Honey on vanilla ice cream, or drizzled over the whipped cream on dark chocolate hot chocolate = love. Eddie Barrera: Spinach, berries, banana, chunky peanut butter, goji berries, chia seeds, and a nut milk.

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Brush up on your skills and check out the 17 best ways to use hot sauce and you'll be the best hot-saucer around in no time. Mezcal Margarita Lovers. Skip the sour mix and spice up your margarita with a dash of hot sauce. Start with your favorite mezcal (tequila's more mature, smoky-flavored cousin), then mix in a splash of orange juice, a.

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Cut your fruit of choice in half and scoop out the seeds. Fill the cavity with a mixture of chopped walnuts, brown sugar, melted butter, hot sauce, and ground cinnamon. Place the filled fruit on a tray and bake for 25 minutes, or until soft. Top with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt and enjoy warm.

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Poor Devil Pepper Co. Green Widow. Raw hot sauce has a crisp, flavorful finish that lets the natural vegetal flavor and heat shine through. Mild, it's not. Green Widow is fierier than any.

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Related: Best Frozen Wings: 8 Best Frozen Chicken Wing Brands Three Little Pigs Uncured Bacon Egg Bites & Swiss. Some things just make sense. Rhett and Link, Mythical Chef Josh and chaos, and eggs.

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A hot sauce guide with tips for how to use 8 common styles. By Aaron Hutcherson. June 18, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. EDT. Clockwise from top left: Sambal oelek, Cholula Original, Mina Red Pepper Harissa.

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Beans. Jazz up the flavor of beans with a habanero or scotch bonnet-based hot sauce, as these contain savory heat that complement this type of protein-rich dish, says Abreu. "Add it to the pot or mix into a bean salad for a big oomph of flavor," she says. Try this: Try out a variety of bean dishes and types with hot sauce: "Pork and beans is a.